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Create user profiles on your site quickly and easily with Profiler!

Or use Profiler as a PDF document repository.

Or use it to display photos by themselves.

Or mix and match different document types.

Comments from JAlbum's Edit tab appear next to the photos on the index pages, and the slide pages have a question/answer section where users can list their hobbies, interests, skills, etc. Up to 20 question/answer pairs are supported.

New in 2.0 is the Highslide JS option, which allows the slide pages to be displayed in a popup "lightbox" type effect. If you don't select this option the slides are displayed the same as in Profiler 1.x.

This skin is based on Bluepro and PowerBase and is designed to integrate seamlessly with PowerBase's default .css file (Pavement). Profiler is W3C HTML 4.01 compliant.

If you select the HighSlide JS option it is free for personal use/websites but commercial use requires a license from its creator: http://vikjavev.no/highslide/

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2.3.1 28-oct-2008 (Actual)

Updated in 2.3.1:
- Option to remove the filename and comments from index pages now applies to non-Highslide JS albums, too.

New in 2.3:
- Widget support
- Option to remove the filename and comments from index pages, leaving only thumbnails. Try it... it looks completely different!
- Upgraded highslide.js to version 3.3.22

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