Esta apariencia no ha sido actualizada desde hace más de dos años, y puede que no funcione con la versión actual de jAlbum.

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Min. jAlbum versión

This skin is based upon the "Slide show" skin vs.2.

It is a small HTML5 compliant skin which gives maximum attention to your photos, because it can fill your whole monitor, tablet or TV screen with your photo and the focus is not lead away by other small pictures or text.

Navigation and control is possible via the keyboard on a PC and via one finger swipes on the iPad and other touch screens. If a viewer prefers that interface, he/she can hide all buttons on the screen to get even more emphasis on the photo.

This version adds extra possibilities for the display of GPS locations in Google Maps and Google Earth and for the display of wide panorama photos.
It is adapted for the iPad and other tablets: large buttons for the navigation and background music via html 5 instead of a flash player.

This skin allows you to use one central resources folder for all your albums.

It can play movies (but no longer with jAlbum 11) and slide changes can be done with one of 6 transition effects (selectable by the viewer) or all in a random way.

You can display the slide show embedded in your web page with an iframe and you can start the slide show from a link on your web page without displaying the index page with thumb-nails.

This skin is now obsolete and succeeded by the 'Slide Show 4' skin, which has the same or better features in a compacter implementation.

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El uso comercial está permitido solamente si usted paga una licencia de un tercero.
Se permite la modificación de la apariencia.


3.9.22 12-abr-2016 (Actual)

Audio player moved to the bottom of the index page.
It is now possible to select fixed-ratio thumbnails.

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Ron hace 2 años

Need to update this Slide Show or get someone else to do it for you.


AndreWolff hace 2 años

This skin is now obsolete and succeeded by the 'Slide Show 4' skin, which has the same or better features in a compacter implementation.


Rhalstead hace 6 años

I like this skin very much. I will be taking some Paramedic pictures soon and this looks like a great way to display them. Is there a way to force the program to go to the next slide when a video (AVI) format finishes playing? Robert Halstead


AndreWolff hace 5 años

In the new version 3.9.13 tehe next movie or photo is automatically displayed if a movie finishes playing


Rhalstead hace 6 años

Sorry about my typing, I meant Panoramic. RH


stijnman hace 6 años

Yep, installed the skin again, and now it's working.


stijnman hace 6 años

I am getting an error when trying to generate an album Evaluation error on line -1: Details: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: `` if (albumDescription.length() > 0) out.print("" + "test andere skins " . . . '' Token Parsing Error: Lexical error at line 3, column 38. Encountered: "\n" (10), after : "\"test andere skins" jAlbum 10.1.2


AndreWolff hace 6 años

This problem is solved in the new version 3.9.3