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BananAlbum is an elegantly simple web gallery. You can create single albums or a full featured portfolio website for your photography.

BananAlbum v7 is built completely from the ground up with the latest technologies. Flash has been fully replaced with html, javascript and css.
It's optimised for desktop, tablet as well as mobile.
It has all the familiarities of the BananAlbum the way you know it.
It features the thumbnails-strip through which you can now simply scroll using your touchpad.
The gallery smoothly transitions from one image to the next.
You can choose the the background-color that suits your photos best.
Give it a try and let me know what you think! …and if you start using the gallery, I’d love to receive a link!

Soporte de la interfaz táctilDiseño receptivoUtiliza JavascriptSoporta carpetas
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El uso comercial está permitido solamente si usted paga una licencia de un tercero.
Usted tiene que pagar una cuota al autor la apariencia para deshacerse de la pantalla fastidiosa. Lea más en la página principal de la apariencia .


7.1.0 28-mar-2017 (Actual)

Image captions are now being shown.
Updated data-handling so that the album can be previewed in the Google Chrome browser without the need for having it uploaded to your website.
Note: Please preview the gallery in your browser for optimal viewing pleasure.

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banana hace un año

Thanks jGromit! Just released the fixes.


jGromit hace un año

HTML problem and user interface error. See forum post.


banana hace 4 años

"The file for version 6.2.5 still identifies it as 6.2.4" Thanks! Should be fixed now.


jGromit hace 4 años

The file for version 6.2.5 still identifies it as 6.2.4, resulting in repeated notifications that there's a newer version available. Sloppy.


xchh hace 5 años

I love BanAlbum but I am really frustrated as it does not allow for a straightforward integration of videos within JAlbum 11 see jAlbum Blog At this moment only the Base, Turtle and other skins and it works easily I tried them! Although there is a procedure in BanAlbum for integration of videos, it is cumbersome and even it is impossible to follow it as there are no directories such as the one indicated in the procedure, I mean : "Open Directories" and "Skin Directory" in § 2. Place the videoPlayer in the res-folder of the BananAlbum skin: In JAlbum, go to 'Tools', 'Open Directories' and select 'Skin directory'. I looked at the forum and see only problems there and no solutions. Please don't push me to a change of skin and be up and running. Thanks