Esta apariencia no ha sido actualizada desde hace más de dos años, y puede que no funcione con la versión actual de jAlbum.

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Min. jAlbum versión

This skin was originally designed to copy other Album Creator programs. However, it has grown to include the following features
* Multiple Styles, with "Style Hints" to set rows, columns, and image sizes
* Can easily be customised and re-configured, multi-lingual
* User can add own headers and footers
* User can change appearance based on definitions in image directories
* MetaData formats can be redefined to suit the user
* Internal and Web search capability using keywords
* Slideshow page with random selections and varied speed
* Autoboot option for albums burnt to a CD
* Links to off-album pages
* Options for content rating and web indexing
I am currently reworking this skin to make use of CSS positioning, but have uploaded it here so that you can examine the various functionalities included.

Última actualización


0.7 26-abr-2004 (Actual)

Protype version only. This skin is still a bit buggy and sometimes gives errors when it initially loads; also the style hints take a looong time to load. Needs more work, and has been uploaded for comment and review. Also, don't be afraid to "borrow" bits of this skin to use in other skins (a credit would be nice though).

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