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jonggolde 6 years ago

Nur, dass erste digitale Foto- im Digital Art Album finde ich allein schon schön. Und weder so viele schöne und gute Fotos im Album selbst!

Gr. Henriëtte

Kaja / Charlie

Kaja / Charlie 7 years ago

excellent :)

David Ponce

David Ponce 7 years ago

Thank you for liking my "parcours de ville". I love your albums "children" and "log time ago".


koran37 7 years ago

Hello Yef :)
I m very happy that you likes my stained glass.
Ich war in Hamburg
Viele grusse from Scotland .


juliettegribnau 7 years ago

Hi Yef,
thank you for liking my UltraFractal-5-album !
It is highly appreciated

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