I am an avid reader (Tolkien's Legendarium and the Second World War are those I am most passionate about) and love programming; these are like drugs for me!

I am a developer of a MUD (multiuser dungeon) - text based predecessors to the MMORPGs of today - though maybe in some ways it's more like 'was' (but I still do from time to time). I have a fondness for puzzles and creating things, solving problems etc.

The name 'xexyl' comes from the game Xexyz - the font face of the logo makes it look like Xexyl. It was published by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 and it was one of the hundreds of games I played many years back.

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CLOSED USER 11 years ago

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xexyl 11 years ago

Thanks Eric! Glad you like the reflections! The photographs in those were taken by my aunt and uncle who went to Africa in 2009 (they went in 2010 but have yet to seen any of those photos yet). Your photography is very nice - keep up the excellent work! I just took a look at your site - very nice as well. My visits here are kind of random but I drop by every so often (same with most sites, pretty much).

Take care and thanks again!

Kind regards,

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