Villayat Sunkmanitu

Villayat Sunkmanitu

Villayat Sunkmanitu

Accredited Photo Jounralist. Qualified Drone Operator with PfCO Qualification. Professional freelance photographer from the UK running a diverse, Independent Stock Image Library, supporting the Disabled Artists' Network with income generated from my work.
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Categories include: nature, wildlife, insect life, motor sports, surfing, snowboarding, bands, military aircraft, photo art & limited editions, as well as travel photography.


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SpaidArts 11 years ago

It was refreshing to see you had a rather in-depth dialog attached to your Lakota album, on the importance of educating oneself when meeting peoples of other ancestry. The world changes one person at a time.

I really admire all of your work here and your clear appreciation for the subjects you capture "on film"! Lovely.

Villayat Sunkmanitu

Villayat Sunkmanitu 9 years ago

Thank you for your kind words - apologies for the delayed response :)

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