Wil Banting

Wil Banting

Wil Banting

Hello and welcome to my portfolio of photographic work.
Here you'll find my best photo's taken during the last years.
Any comments, suggestions and advice are welcome.
I hope that you will enjoy sharing in my views, as much as I enjoy creating it.

All pictures are protected by copyright and may not be copied and/or used for commercial purposes without my prior written consult. © 2019 Wil Banting





  • Harrys
  • Tenzing Skincare
  • De Wolf Marc
  • Kidney
  • henkjalving
  • Anders Callertun
  • alaamiah clean
  • mirene-fr
  • Mikael Bergman
  • Avina
  • Anna Jalving Boezen
  • Theodocle from Scotland
  • Pergil
  • Kris Joris
  • Stefano Bolliger
  • Peter Nausester
  • Christian Greutert
  • sesoncal
  • Beverly Havens-Hardin
  • Francesco Pucci
  • Rico Coolen
  • Carde Application
  • Erkki Raiski
  • Olfa
  • Lars Mattsson
  • Kurt Lund Mogensen
  • SIMON Marc
  • Henri Bynens
  • valfoto
  • Henryk Palembas

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White-Spottet Bluethroat

yzla commented on White-Spottet Bluethroat one year ago

Très belle série

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White-Spottet Bluethroat

CLOSED_USER commented on White-Spottet Bluethroat 2 years ago

(user closed)

Wil Banting

Wil Banting 2 years ago

Dank je Juliette

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Paul Maenhout
The Bearded Tit

Paul Maenhout commented on The Bearded Tit 2 years ago

Heel mooi hoor ! Ik ga de link delen met een kennis die pas begonnen is met vogelfotografie.

Wil Banting

Wil Banting 2 years ago

Leuk, dank je !!

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Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout commented on Gannets 2 years ago

Waw ! Waar zaten die Jan Van Genten ?

Wil Banting

Wil Banting 2 years ago

Bedankt Paul, en dat was bij Troup Head in Schotland....

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