Someone who enjoy taking photo and like to keep improving.


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Northern Light Storm

Rol747 commented on Northern Light Storm 4 years ago

Tout simplement exceptionnel ! Le spectacle et la qualité des photos.

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Northern Light 2012

Rol747 commented on Northern Light 2012 4 years ago

Magnifiques photos et que la nature est belle !!!

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Abraham Lake

Rol747 commented on Abraham Lake 4 years ago

Fantastic !!!

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Isabelle C
SunRise and Moonset of Calgary

Isabelle C commented on SunRise and Moonset of Calgary 5 years ago

Beautiful pictures. I especially love "SunRise and Moonset of Calgary". great job.

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Jacob Jorritsma en Liesbeth Bleeker
Abraham Lake

Jacob Jorritsma en Liesbeth Bleeker commented on Abraham Lake 5 years ago

Great pictures - specialy abraham lake you captured the cold, freshness and colours. Very Nice
Greetz Liesbeth Bleeker

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