Lieke Kops

Lieke Kops

Lieke Kops

I'm passionate about macro photography.
I love to show you the wonderful world of insects. By enlarging little creatures, you can see how beautiful they are, both in structure and colouring. You can see that i have a particulair soft spot for dragonflies. Ik want to learn more about landscape/ animal photography. My ambition is to get my photos published in nature magazines and books!


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NEW 2012

idafoto commented on NEW 2012 7 years ago

Een genot om naar te kijken! Je achtergronden ook zo mooi rustig!

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idafoto commented on WET 7 years ago

Wat is dit een prachtig album, zo mooi met die druppeltjes!! daar ben je vroeg voor opgestaan!! Super!

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Viviparous lizard- Levendbarende hagedis

Amin commented on Viviparous lizard- Levendbarende hagedis 7 years ago

This album is very beautiful.

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