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  • 30_April


    Last modified: 9 hours ago

    Work continued on the pond for the last work group of April and it's looking good. May started dry and the gang took advantage of the weather to do some replanting at the pond.

  • Pond


    Last modified: 25 days ago

    Before and "Work in Progress" pics of the creation of the new wildlife pond on Joey The Swan Recreation Ground. Stay tuned for the "After" pics when the planting is complete.

  • Dancing Grebes

    Dancing Grebes

    Last modified: 2 months ago

  • 26022018


    Last modified: 3 months ago

    A general tidy-up of the wet area next to the old filter beds.

  • WestportLake


    Last modified: 3 months ago

    Mostly small birds seen on my visit to the lake 27/02/2018. Brilliant sunshine one minute; snow the next minute.

  • Ditches


    Last modified: 4 months ago

    Continuing from the task started on 22/01/2018 the last two work groups heve been knee deep in mud. They have beenclearing the ditches so the pathways are fit to walk.

  • 22012018


    Last modified: 4 months ago

    Wistaston Woodland paths were left spotless and drainage ditches were freed of blockages, thanks to the Wistaston Conservation Group volunteers.

  • explored


    Last modified: 5 months ago

    Fifteen of my images made it into the flickr "Explore" section this year.
    Thanks to everyone that viewed, faved and commented on my humble efforts.
    Listed in reverse order by date taken.

  • 18122017


    Last modified: 5 months ago

    The Woodland Pathways are now clear and safe for everyone, thanks to the hard-working
    Wistaston Conservation Group volunteers.

  • Emergency


    Last modified: 6 months ago

    The volunteers rushed into action recently when a fallen tree had to be moved and made safe.

  • Winter_Wonderland


    Last modified: 6 months ago

    The volunteers were out in force on Monday, clearing the snow and ice from the paths and walkways of Wonderful Wistaston.

  • 27112017


    Last modified: 6 months ago

    A mixed bag of tasks today with the biggest job due to Climate Change causing a need for some Spring Cleaning around the Wildlife Pond.

  • Flickr


    Last modified: 6 months ago

    Some of my most popular photos on flickr.

  • 13112017


    Last modified: 7 months ago

    The heavy lifting gang were in action today, laying new flags at Joey-the-Swan Recreation Ground.

  • The Finished Hedge

    The Finished Hedge

    Last modified: 7 months ago

    06 November and the hedge-laying has now been completed, under-planted with bulbs and tidied up.

  • Chester Zoo 2016

    Chester Zoo 2016

    Last modified: 7 months ago

    A rare, and hugely enjoyable, family day out with David, Chris, Juanita and Christine.

  • WinterWestport


    Last modified: 7 months ago

    Mostly Great Crested Grebe but a few other shots

  • Autumn


    Last modified: 7 months ago

    Some of the wildlife seen between home and the bridge over the canal on the Wheelock Rail Trail.

  • Grebes


    Last modified: 7 months ago

    A pair of Great Crested Grebes displaying on Fields Farm Flash at Elton, Sandbach, Cheshire. 16/02/2017

  • 13062017


    Last modified: 7 months ago

    An early-summer stroll along the canal to Sandbach Flashes.

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