Oh Hi, my Name is Thomas. I´m still a Beginner in Photography and I like it so much. Once you do the Step to a DSLR, you'll never step back, I think.

Photography is only Fun to me. Walks getting longer and I'm exploring my World with new Eyes.

I´m glad that you´ll maybe look into my Albums and I feel a little bit proud, if you like them. I'm also open minded for your Tips that make me shoot better Pictures.

Thanks for your Interest.


Thomas hasn't uploaded any albums yet.

Have a look in the Explore section instead!


Thomas 7 years ago

To all that liked my Albums, or who have left a Comment in the last few Months, i'd like to say: "Thank you!!!" Haven't so much Time these Days, because I've bought a House and there is lots of Work to do. So have yourself and your Familiys a merry Christmas Time and a happy new Year 2011 with nice Pictures. Be blessed. Kind Regards... Thomas


leoleoleo 7 years ago

Great photos !


silvo 7 years ago

Hello, I like your pics very much ... colors of album "Miscellaneous" are really great. Bravo!
Generaly, I like your view on composition ...


Carolyninoz 7 years ago

I love what I see and if you are just a beginner you must be going a long way. Partticularly
like and Nature flowers and the macro insects, so pretty


Thomas 7 years ago

Just a short "chime in" to say "Thank you" to all People who like my Albums & Pics. I' m on Holiday right now and I hope to get some nice Captures to add to a new Album.

kind Regards to all of you and be blessed

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