Hej! My name is Sven. I like most kind of motives. When I bought my first digital camera about 5 years ago I began to photograph flowers, It was very interesting. I could check the result at once It was fantastic. I started taking pictures when I was about 11 years old. and shortly after I developed and copied my pictures. Two years in a photo school followed in the mid sixties.We were mainly educated in how to work in a darkroom. I am glad at the tecnical progress. It makes it cheaper and easier to have a hobby like this.If you are interested of to know more about Gamleby and the nearest town and center please try or
Another interesting adress is where I am a member.
Have a look at our pictures. You can also find mailadresses to all of us



  • greensnake
  • Xian Chen
  • Olfa
  • Mikael Bergman
  • Françoise David
  • alenaskripska
  • Victor
  • Tiida
  • jeeceephoto
  • jandiepeveen
  • Leif M. Sørlund
  • Henk ter Horst
  • SpaidArts
  • Peter Haster
  • zdlouhy
  • Rolf Konttaniemi
  • DC-Company1
  • Paul Maenhout
  • gisro
  • Maria Emitslöf
  • Dominique Bourdin
  • nic
  • icfroehling
  • Herendi Péter
  • cileartist
  • lillo
  • Paul Giverin
  • Mariette Aernoudts
  • giugio
  • koran37

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Maria Emitslöf

Maria Emitslöf commented on Grisar 3 years ago

Vilka charmtroll :)

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Françoise David

Françoise David commented on Grisar 3 years ago

Great pictures Sven. They touch me. These pigs seem happy to live and probably they feel affection for each other... ;) Regards.


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Xian Chen

Xian Chen 3 years ago

Very good editing skills too not only images great. Beautiful work, Sven @_@
Sincerely Regards,

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Mikael Bergman
Åsens by

Mikael Bergman commented on Åsens by 3 years ago

trevliga och fina bilder från en miljö som ja gillar
mvh micke

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Françoise David
Åsens by

Françoise David commented on Åsens by 3 years ago

Matter, colors and light are great, Sven! I feel the peace to live there in the quiet summer's day... Greatings


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