Fredric Durrette is my real name. "Snakesafe" comes from my love of snakes and my current job. I have a degree in commercial photography. I collect vintage bicycles, vintage Barbie dolls, old cameras, old microscopes, art deco and art nouveau. Retired after 23 years in the navy submarine service, now work in the parks and recreation field as a safety manager. Having used Hasselblads and Pentax cameras during the film days, my move to digital is still Pentax.


Pentax K7, Pentax K200D, Pentax 50-200 zoom, Pentax 18-55 zoom, Pentax 100mm macro, Kiron 105mm macro and Canon 500D close-up filter. Wild M20 and Nikon S microscopes.

Summerville, South Carolina
United States


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Madeinch 4 years ago

Hi Frederic. Tank’s for your given like’s. I’m very pleased. Have three mixes, because I had a break of several reasons. Now, I want to continue. I hope so. Thank you. Best regards from Zurich.

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Rico Coolen
The Nikon S, Nikon Lke, and Other Microscopes

Rico Coolen commented on The Nikon S, Nikon Lke, and Other Microscopes 4 years ago

Hi Snakesafe,
Thank you for your likes. Your Conochilus albus is great. But I'm impressed of the album microscopes. Is that your privat collection? Wauw
Are you (micro)biologist of proffesion?


snakesafe 4 years ago

Thanks Rico for liking the album. Yes it is my private collection. Microbiology is just a hobby for me.

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CLOSED_USER commented on CONOCHILUS 4 years ago

(user closed)

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Madeinch 4 years ago

Hi Frederic. Great! Thank you. Nice to hear from you again. Best regards. Pierluigi.


Madeinch 4 years ago

Thanks again for liking my photos. I hope that is not too cold in Summerville. Bye. Pierluigi.

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht 4 years ago

Hi Fredric! Thank you for your "likes" to several of my photos albums. Greetings from Switzerland, Martin

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