I taught English in Damascus for two years and love returning there to take photos of special friends I made and people I meet or see in the street. I hope to present images without the "exotica"; instead I want to show the energy and spirit of people in Damascus today. Damascus itself is a very special backdrop, so I hope I capture the look of the city, as you might find it if you visit.

The images from China date me. I lived in Xian and Shanghai in the 70s.

I also like experimenting with my camera (and much more recently image editing) closer to home.


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alaamiah clean
Children of Syrian refugees (1)

alaamiah clean commented on Children of Syrian refugees (1) one year ago

Im obliged for the album .Really thank you! Will see alot of it pics ...

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Women of Damascus

Lara commented on Women of Damascus 3 years ago

very nice photos, keep the good work.

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