Rolf Konttaniemi

Rolf Konttaniemi

Rolf Konttaniemi


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Sweden II

Rol747 commented on Sweden II 9 years ago

Tout simplement joli.

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Peter Karlstam

Peter Karlstam 9 years ago

Hej Rolf
Jag har en albumide, fula eller fulla gubbar på krogen.
Är det en bra ide??? // Peter

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svenalar 10 years ago

Tack. Du har många vackra bi.der "Sweden, SwedenII och Göteborgsudden"

Härlig närvarandekänsla i "1975" Sven

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht 10 years ago

Hello Rolf, thank you for your "Like" button to my pictures from the winter. Excuse, that I respond only now, but work has kept me. Regards, Martin

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CLOSED USER 10 years ago

(user closed)

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