Present is passed and does not even exist. Taking pictures is my way to save the present and to stay alive.

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A few stories

Rol747 commented on A few stories 4 years ago

Beau, original... et très belle réalisation. J'aime beaucoup.

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A few stories

reideville updated A few stories 4 years ago

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Emma78 4 years ago

Félicitations pour vos superbes photos de Namibie ... avec en prime la chance de voir des lions !!!
Pour nous, la Namibie se sera en avril 2014 ...
Merci pour ce partage.

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Frans Beer

Frans Beer 5 years ago

Hallo Reideville,

Vielen Dank

Frans Beer

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johnsharp 5 years ago

Hi reidville
Thanks for your visit and like of my album "The Bellarine."
Regards from Australia.

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