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dskey 9 years ago

Hi - I'm trying to use your files posted on the forum to covert orders to csv files. I've uploaded and run the script but I get a csv file with all info except the print name, number off etc ? - Is there an updated version ?

Many Thanks - dskey


racerx2oo3 9 years ago

Can you send me an order.txt file and I'll take a look. Not sure if this message allows someone to attach a file or not. If it doesn't you can email me at racerx2oo3@gmail.com


m5abi 9 years ago

Hello there, I saw your post on jalbum.net and was quite impresed with parsing techniques. I was wondering if you have an updated manage.php and parsefile.php that you have posted on the post
http://jalbum.net/forum/thread.jspa?messageID= 111610𛏺
Thank you,

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