Nicholas R. Von Staden

Nicholas R. Von Staden

Nicholas R. Von Staden

Experienced photojournalist out of south Florida specializing in editorial , Sailing and select commissions in the photo world. I worked for the South Florida Sun Sentinel for over 35+ years as a photojournalist in : News, Sports, Features, Lifestyle, Business and the Sunday magazine.


Nikon D800

Pompano Beach, Florida
United States

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Virginia Merlino

Virginia Merlino 6 years ago

Good morning, I am guessing that you are the same "Nick" from Hawaii in the late 1960's. Did you drive a Morris Minor and were in the Cinpac fleet along with Sandy Sutton, Tim Renna and Jim Johnson?Your bio states Ball St. and up until recently I still had one of those grey Ball St. T-shirts! My name is Virginia (Ginny back then) and I was a student@ UH and lived in Manoa Valley. I remember going to Ft. Derussey and lunching on your delicious chicken coated w/corn flakes. If this is "you", I would love to hear from you and wonder if you've kept in touch with anyone from Hawaii. You can contact me ,if you like, @

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Nicholas R. Von Staden

Nicholas R. Von Staden 10 years ago

"click" the picture above for more from my selection of photos

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