I am Anne Fournier
French woman, living in Greece, in the town of Nafplio, in Argolida, next to the theatre of Epidavros and the Castle of Agamemnon.
I felt in Love with this country in 1993, and just decided to live there.
Photography became my job, including wedding photography.
Five years ago I develop my activity to wedding planning for wedding destination in Greece, that's why I have pictures of couples from all over the world.
Jeroen and Vanessa was the first one and we are still in contact.


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Hostage 7 years ago

Very nice pictures....especially Nafplio! Thank you for your pictures!


ninoevola 8 years ago

really beautiful images.


nafplionweddings 8 years ago



CLOSED_USER 8 years ago

(user closed)


alexanderp 8 years ago

I seldom enjoy wedding phtography because of the apparent need of photographers to show perfection... your photos are changing my mind because they allow the beauty of the moment to be exposed in a natural more conventional way which is a more accurate reflection of life!

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