Hi everyone,
Since 2 years I am the proud owner of a Canon DLRS camera. I have not yet developed an own style, but love to try a lot of different styles. Please leave your comment on my album if you like so I can learn from it. Wish you all a much pleasure with your own photography.


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CLOSED USER 4 years ago

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Mariette Aernoudts

Mariette Aernoudts 6 years ago

Hello visitors, this album doesn't exist anymore. Please visit my new address:

Hope to meet you there!!

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grump 6 years ago

Thank you for the comments on urban decay, have a great day.....

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Painted photos

kucka commented on Painted photos 6 years ago

Great work! Sincerely congratulation.
bye kucka

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Helene Åvall

Helene Åvall 6 years ago

Hallo Mariëtte !!
Thanks a lot for your letter !
Your time as a grandma will come :=)
I can tell you, when my son said to me they will have a baby, I was crying.
It´s a big gift to have grandchildren.
I wish you also a very nice weekend in the Netherlands
Take care my friend

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