mikael säll

mikael säll

mikael säll

Hi my name is Mikael Säll
And my residence is Gothenburg Sweden.
I like to take photo's on almost everyting :)
But the favorite I think it's Nature.


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Paul Maenhout
North of sweden

Paul Maenhout commented on North of sweden 9 years ago

This is the nature I love so much. Thank you for the pictures.

mikael säll

mikael säll 9 years ago

hi Paul
I'm glad that you liked my pictures from the north.

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Rico Coolen
The house black and white

Rico Coolen commented on The house black and white 10 years ago

Hi Mikael,
Nice perspectives!

mikael säll

mikael säll 10 years ago

Hi Rico
Thanks a lot.

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mikael säll
The house

mikael säll uploaded The house 10 years ago

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mikael säll

mikael säll updated Gym 10 years ago

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