Mike Benson

Mike Benson

Mike Benson

I live near to the historic village of Rottingdean, in Brighton (UK) and have been taking photographs as long as I can remember.

I started painting in about 1989 and have done occasional watercolours since then.

After retiring from my job at the BBC in 1994 I took my narrow-boat "Brighton Belle" around the country's canals and rivers, taking photographs along the way.

I parted company with the boat a couple of years ago to spend more time travelling and cruising on "big" boat.

I am a member of Rottingdean Camera Club and Seaford Photographic Society.

When you look at my albums please use the Full Page option, it's the icon near the bottom of the page, on the left. And if you want my comments or the technical stuff, mouse over the pictures.


Canon DSLR and a couple of lenses

United Kingdom


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John McKean

John McKean commented on Coast 3 years ago

Hi Mike - I've just found this picture on David Botibol's facebook and commented that it looks more like our house than Rottingdean, and he kindly leasd me here... it's a great picture. (By the way on Facebook I am -for historical reasons to do with my children - called Laurie Melville, but I remain John McKean!)
And while I'm here, I think the cover picture for your "beling' group is fantastic.

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Yvonne Haller

Yvonne Haller 5 years ago

Hello Mike,

thank you for liking my album "Industrie 2"


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CLOSED USER 5 years ago

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Mike Benson

Mike Benson 5 years ago

Thank you. Glad you like

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CLOSED USER 5 years ago

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