Meynier Dominique

Meynier Dominique

Meynier Dominique

Reveal my world's vision and philosophy through photos, should be definitely my purpose.
In essence I try to create original artwork that has meaning and significance and that will make a positive statement to spectators.
It comes with multiple other kind of expression as acting, writing poetry, painting...

Interested to purchase some original artwork of mine, welcome on my website down below (redbubble) or send me an email.

Other friends and talentuous artists link to:
Special selected artworks:,48.html


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Stuttgart1000 10 years ago

merci pour ta visite..............

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Mike Benson

Mike Benson 10 years ago

Thank you for adding your album to my Coast group. They are lovely photos.

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iberony 10 years ago

Thanks, it is Helgoland (Germany).
Regards, Ron

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dennis faherty

dennis faherty 10 years ago

I enjoyed every second given freely to your albums...Thanks for giving me the push to try something new..Great Albums...

Meynier Dominique

Meynier Dominique 10 years ago

Thank you for your visit and kind comment, hope to give you some more to appreciate in the near future.

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Meynier Dominique

Meynier Dominique uploaded MetroGraf 10 years ago

Underground city life

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