Mauro Bisi

Mauro Bisi

Mauro Bisi


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SMSAJED 5 years ago

Hi Mauro
you have got really nice albums. best wishes from Iran

Mauro Bisi

Mauro Bisi 5 years ago

Thank you very much. Is a very good emotion for me to find a similar sensibility so far of my country. Now I'll watch your album....

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Rol747 commented on BALI-LO SGUARDO SENZA TEMPO 5 years ago

J'adore les galeries de portraits. Celle-ci est très jolie. Bravo.

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kucka 5 years ago

Ciao Mauro,
Thanks for the visit and like of my albums. I'm really glad that you like my works. I'm thinking that our pictures are reflection our souls. Everything what we see and feel have is saved for additional our works. Perhaps because we are see and feel very similar.
Have a good time,kucka

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