Artist’s Statement
Mark Cotrupe

When I tell people I’m a Photographer, the first thing they seem to ask is what kind of
photos I take. It’s not quite that simple. I photograph whatever catches my eye, or something
that expresses some internal drive.

Usually, I can be found outdoors with my camera. I love nature, and photograph it as a way to share it’s beauty with others. I sometimes work on a grand landscape, but mostly I like the small, “intimate portraits” I find in so many places.

I have also enjoyed photographing people, and the man-made landscape is also well represented.
My cameras have been to Europe and Sonora Mexico, but mostly in Arizona and
my native Connecticut.

What I am most attracted to visually is chiaroscuro, the play between light and dark, each being important and, in fact, defining the other. I love to find those wondrous “moments of light” when something is just lightly raked by light, or the light shines for just a few moments on and object, setting it aglow.

In the days of the darkroom, I worked exclusively in Black and White. While it was somewhat of an economic necessity, the truth is that I was in love with it. I saw the world as tonality rather than color. Color can be so distracting unless an image is about color.

Interestingly, since “going digital” I have started photographing in color. Now that I have the ability to bend color to my will, a lot of my expression is happening in color. Of course, I haven’t given up on Black and White; I still love it. These days, almost all of my work starts out in color, then when needed, I convert the image in photoshop to Monochrome. I have also enjoyed using multiple tones to represent the monochrome, especially, duotones and quadtones. These seem to give more depth and dimension to an image.

Ultimately the love, and the challenge, for me is to produce an image that conveys what I think/feel about something. And what is most satisfying, is when someone else experiences that expression through viewing my image.


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johnsharp 5 years ago

Hi Mark. Thanks for your visit and like of my album The Bellarine.
Regards John

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Stuttgart1000 5 years ago

Dankeschön für Deinen Besuch.
Für das Jahr 2013 wünsche ich Dir das allerbeste.
Liebe Grüsse Laura

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Spring in Milford

johnsharp commented on Spring in Milford 5 years ago

Lovely album Marc.
Thanks for the like for my album "The Bellarine."

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johnsharp 5 years ago

Hi Marc. Thanks for the like of my album. Lighthouses.
Cheers from Australia.

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