55 anni, nato a Torino dove tuttora lavoro.
fotografo amatoriale di fama condominiale, mi dedico oramai da qualche anno alla fotografia digitale e alla post-produzione delle mie immagini.
Non ho una predilezione particolare per questo o quel soggetto, ma
sicuramente la natura ed in particolare i fiori (nomen omen) sono
protagonisti dei miei scatti.

54 years, born in Turin, where I still work.
Amateur photographer, famous in neighbourhood, I dedicate quite a few years to digital photography and post production of my pictures. I don't have a special fondness for this or that subject, but certainly the nature and particularly flowers (nomen omen) are protagonists of my shoots.


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corinoga 5 years ago

Magnifique vos photos.


snakesafe 6 years ago

Thanks for the visit and for liking my albums.


voyagesvoyages 7 years ago

Thanks for your visit and feedback !


ludovikus 7 years ago

I would like to thank you all for your comments and feedback regarding my photos, your ones are outstanding too!
I wish you all a great day!!

Helene Åvall

Helene Åvall 7 years ago

So many lovely photos you have here in your albums !!
I love to look at photos on other sides of the world, very interesting.

...and thank you for looking by and liked my album " Autumn collage"

Best wishes from Sweden to Italy

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