i don't think of what i miss
i think of what to do with what i already got


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Winter Wonderland Walk

jeeceephoto commented on Winter Wonderland Walk 6 years ago

Thank you for visiting.

Moments and liile things in nature.


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Simple pleasures

Rol747 commented on Simple pleasures 6 years ago

Les variétés possible du noir et blanc. De très beaux clichés.

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Country mornings

Rol747 commented on Country mornings 6 years ago

La beauté appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt...

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SMSAJED 6 years ago

Dear Littless
Thank you for visiting my albums, your albums are very beautiful. Really i like it.
best wishes from Iran

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ruud blok
Trakai, Lithuania

ruud blok commented on Trakai, Lithuania 6 years ago

I think black and white is a good choice here
very nice work

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