Sy Evans 'Anturio'

Sy Evans 'Anturio'

Sy Evans 'Anturio'

This agglomeration of galleries accounts for some of the more visually striking OMM devices that have been devised and hand-crafted by myself at the 'Lil' Picture Place' Manchester..

A fairly up-to-date display-hub and visual archive for my many Orgonite castings and OMM Devices.
Documenting Progress, so to speak..

A place where people may choose to browse through the on-going creative output, all in regards to this one particular subject matter of - 'Orgonite' - Orgone Matrix Material or OMM for short.
Photographically capturing most of my crafted pieces now these days, mainly for archive sake as most if not all are subsequently either sold or gifted.
However. Only feature the more visually engaging ones within these galleries..

So... Given the amount of OMM I have made this proves to accumulate more than enough visual fodder to throw up on here.
Also indicative of only a certain portion in the overall output of them.
Some are just best left unseen..

Thank you for checking out my stuff.

The galleries play themselves if you choose. - Just hit the play button in the gallery header.
Enjoy the slideshows! :)

Incidentally, if anybody has any further interest then visit my Google group here, Artisan Orgonite
Even become a member of the Artisan Orgonite Craft community.

And to purchase high graded devices like what you see here please visit my Orgonebay Shop:
just get in touch.!


Majority of the more recent pics have simply been captured on my iPhone6 camera.
When capturing things like my OMM pieces I usually try and keep the effects minimal and overall as real and true to the actual optical spectrum perceived.

United Kingdom