I have been involved with photography since the early age of thirteen years. Beginning with the chemical process of making
black & white contact (same size) prints, which I achieved with the support of a generous donation of some basic equipment from a complete stranger. If it were not for that totally random encounter, who knows where my interest would lie at this later part of my life. I suspect the stranger spotted an attentive response in my young eyes as he demonstrated the magic that (wet) photography can evoke.


Nikon based 35mm cameras mainly.



  • greensnake

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l810th 2 years ago

Thank you kindly for those comments. I have been busy upgrading my albums to Turtle, having spent the last few years writing my travel books to accompany these galleries. I have just completed our "RTW 2006" album today which encompasses many locations. That journey was done in 2006 and now I'm in the process of creating our 2009 Southern Africa journey. I will try to get time to view your many albums and will enjoy that journey too, I'm sure. Danke Mein Freund!

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The Caribbean Islands

greensnake commented on The Caribbean Islands 2 years ago

Super Photos, super colours. Kind Regards, Matthias

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