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Smoky Mountains Nature Photos

Smoky Mountains Nature Photos 8 years ago

I still do not know how to comment on an individual photo, so I will try here. I like the second photo from the right, The silhouette of the people is in just the right spot. I like the middle shot in the third row. The composition of the thirds of ocean, beach and sky. There are several good shots in the bottom row, but I like the one on the far left the best, mainly because of the dapple clouds at the top.


Dor 8 years ago

@simpsonsnr297: not all skins support commenting on individual pictures. You'll find a "Comments" widget in the bottom of the album that is unique for each picture for those skins that it works for.

Carl Manneh

Carl Manneh 8 years ago

Thanks for the like!

Smoky Mountains Nature Photos

Smoky Mountains Nature Photos 9 years ago

Dear Kuala:
I enjoyed your Fotki and Moje albums very much. Your seascapes are very beautiful.


Dor 9 years ago

Nice! I like how you use different skins for different types of albums.


gust 9 years ago

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