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Martin Koster

Martin Koster

People, places and patterns


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Blijdorp ZOO - Rotterdam

Rol747 commented on Blijdorp ZOO - Rotterdam 6 years ago

J'aime beaucoup toutes les séries sur les animaux. Merci.

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Damen Shipyard

elt commented on Damen Shipyard 8 years ago

En ook bij Damen heb je mooie foto's gemaakt.

Martin Koster

Martin Koster 8 years ago

Bedankt voor je compliment

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Merwede Shipyard

BriggenTreKronor commented on Merwede Shipyard 8 years ago

Nice photos. If you are interested in shipbuilding you might like this
We have some two thousen pictures from the building of the brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm.

Martin Koster

Martin Koster 8 years ago

Yes I am interested in shipbuilding, but also ships and sailing in general. In the Netherlands there are a few interesting projects where they create old ships ; batavia and schiedam. And of course we have the Harbours of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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Merwede Shipyard

elt commented on Merwede Shipyard 8 years ago

Prachtig die foto's van de werf!

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