I love photography because it is like poetry. The poetry which makes me richer in something new, full of depth and at the same time it is a readable message. Photography is like a poetry to which you can look back as to a beautiful poem and discover it again and again. I love poetry because it gives me a desire and courage to see certain things which I haven't noticed before. Its indispensaable elemnents are creativity, going beyond borders and constant pursuit of inspiration. Thanks to photography I realized that what we see is less important than how we see it. What is more, thanks to photography we can consciously and subconsciously release other people's emotions. I love photography because sometimes when we do not know what words to use to describe reality it is photography which helps us to express our feelings.


  • Francesco Pucci
  • Ulrich Wähling
  • Victor
  • gisro
  • hr-photography
  • Nauminator
  • Andreas Soures
  • Edzo Boven
  • Michel JAMMES
  • art-of-martin
  • Henk ter Horst
  • Kristien Lindebrings
  • Paul Maenhout
  • Madeinch
  • petermoss
  • triplogiro
  • fisherman62
  • Hans Jürgen Rubin
  • martusia78
  • Jo Frehen
  • Juha Karikoski
  • Michel Desmeules
  • leonardo bandini
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  • snakesafe
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  • Dit Sandlover

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Frans Beer

Frans Beer 4 years ago

Hallo Koran37

Thans you for visiting my site.

I like your pictures too !!

Best regards Frans Beer

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Jo Frehen

Jo Frehen 4 years ago

Thank you for your "likes".
Gr. jo

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snakesafe 5 years ago

Hello and thanks for liking my Micro-Life III album!

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snakesafe 5 years ago

Thanks for liking my Carriage show album!

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Scotish castle

art-of-martin commented on Scotish castle 5 years ago

very super . Greetings Martin


koran37 5 years ago

Thank you very much Martin :)
Gretings Gosia

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