My role as a photographer seems to be one of a "life" photographer. Quite often, a simple request for a family portrait, will then turn into their daughters wedding photographer, their son's 21st B'day, and then any subsequent children photos. I've never really advertised my business, and have grown purely through word-of-mouth. I would be more than willing to provide you with references for your own research.

My personal indulgence is travel and landscape photography. I live opposite the beach, and I'm always driving up or down the coast to find those glorious places as yet trampled by man and his machines! Overseas, I've recently travelled to Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily and New York, and last year spent a beautiful 10 days on Magnetic Island - my one pure joy is visiting new and beautiful places to inspire me, and keep my creativity on the ball.

(Excuse the link from my dollface.net.au sight to here for my 'Around the way' pics - I'm having problems with the ftp info)


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