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Mike Frangipane

Mike Frangipane 5 years ago

hey great work here.. im trying to get my work out there too, this is not an add. check out my instagram - mikefrangipane (follow) and check out my facebook page and throw it a like. much appreciated
- mike frangipane


digitaldesigns 6 years ago

Hi joviborja
I love "Taking a bath"! You have caught the event so well. Thanks too for your visit too.
Kind regards


markus23 6 years ago

Hi joviborja,
thanks for visit and linking my albums.

Have a nice day.

Hans Fuchs

Hans Fuchs 6 years ago

Dear Joviborja,
wonderful colours, good perspektive - actually nice photos! Keep up the good work.
Greetings from Germany (Duesseldorf)


CLOSED_USER 7 years ago

(user closed)

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