Welcome to Jono's Perspective!
Photography is my creative outlet. Every day I marvel at what I see.
Having given up my Canon A1 for digital, I now enjoy the luxury of unlimited quantity which occasionally results in something decent (monkeys, typewriters, time and Shakespeare!). I use a Canon Ixus 900, so no detachable lenses, no aperture or shutter speed priorities and autofocus is a pain, but portability is great. I haven't yet got into image manipulation, but I will confess to sharpening and cropping a few images!

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Looking forward to your comments!


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gust 6 years ago

Hi Jono P.

Thanks for stopping by.

Glad you like my album "Storm Light."

Hey, you have great eye to see things!

Regards Gust


stefanopiardi 6 years ago

Thank you for liking my album!
Regards, Stefano.


CLOSED_USER 7 years ago

(user closed)


jonoperspective 7 years ago

Pour les commentaires, vous êtes trop bon! The explosiveness of the waves in your Noire et Blanc is incredible.

Lieke Kops

Lieke Kops 7 years ago

I love the strong deep colors in your album Fecundity! I especially like the photo of the rose! Thank you so much for letting me know that you like my album! Have a nice day!
Best regards,


jonoperspective 7 years ago

Thanks for your comments Lieke. Looking forward to seeing your next work!

Helene Åvall

Helene Åvall 7 years ago

Hey Jonoperspektive..that was diffucul to spell, hihi

Thanks a lot for liking my album " Norway in September" ..

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