John Smeets

John Smeets

John Smeets

Welcome to my jAlbum photo website! Have a look around and feel free to write a comment. Thanks!
I have got several favourite subjects such as landscapes, art, architecture and macro. Mother Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me as well.


Apart from some filters, a Sony HVL-F43M flash and various other small gadgets, my camerabag contains: a Sony A 77 Mark II body and vertical grip, with 11 -18 mm, 90 mm Macro and 18-200 mm lenses.


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Papesch 4 years ago

Great photography, great digital compositions.

Please let me know what you think of my efforts in this realm:


John Smeets

John Smeets 4 years ago

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your kind remarks! Coming from an architect-developer these are highly appreciated. I enjoyed looking at your many albums with a lot of photos. Your compositions are quite amazing indeed. Though - if I may - I would recommend to try and bring down the number of each individual composition; difficult as this may be, I know.
Keep up the good work, Peter!

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fotogerard commented on BROMELIA 6 years ago

Pacht opname John. Geschoten met een klein diafragma of gestackt??
Groeten, Gerard

John Smeets

John Smeets 6 years ago

De opnames zijn met zonlicht belicht ISO 100, f 10, 1/100 en 1/200. Opname 1 en 3 zijn bewerkingen van dezelfde foto. Bij opname 1 heb ik naderhand 1 filter gebruikt van Color Effex Pro 4 (NIK) en bij 3 zelfs 2 van die filters. Opname 2: 1 filter CEP 4 en 1 filter van de serie HDR Effex Pro 2. Ik kan je echt aanraden om er ook eens mee te experimenteren. Groetjes, John.

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