Joachim Dippold

Joachim Dippold

Joachim Dippold

I mostly take photos from our animals including Brahmas, Silkies, Pekins, Indian Runner Ducks, Golden retrievers and Main Coons as well as our house cats and garden-visitors like spiders and butterflies.


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Joachim Dippold
Ancient Chicken Drawings and Photos

Joachim Dippold uploaded Ancient Chicken Drawings and Photos 9 years ago

Here we mirror more than 50 old drawings and photos from breeds of interrest to us because their original sites no longer exist. Photos and background courtesy of Brian Reeder, source: , . Recently I added some really cool drawings from the Chickscope project (Copyright © 1998, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) which can be found here: tandard_varieties

Joachim Dippold
The Many Faces of the Brahma

Joachim Dippold uploaded The Many Faces of the Brahma 9 years ago

A small gallery with 35 photos showing close-ups from the face, very high detail, enjoy!

Joachim Dippold
Brahmas in Motion!

Joachim Dippold uploaded Brahmas in Motion! 9 years ago

More than 100 motion-studies of our mighty Brahmas in action including walking, running, flapping, jumping and of course: fighting. Enjoy this small gallery!

Joachim Dippold
Garden Pics

Joachim Dippold uploaded Garden Pics 9 years ago

More than 600 photos from our garden: trees and flowers including landscape-photos, macro-photos and photos of "garden-animals" like butterfies and spiders, enjoy!

Joachim Dippold
Maine Coons and House-Cats

Joachim Dippold uploaded Maine Coons and House-Cats 9 years ago

Close to 800 photos of our House-Cats and Maine Coons, including kitten-photos, and a few videos can also be found on our homepage, enjoy!

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