John Cordingley (jesse1dog)

John Cordingley (jesse1dog)

John Cordingley (jesse1dog)

Our world is full of the most extraordinary sights – many are naturally occurring and some are the result of ‘man’s’ interference. One of the greatest gifts to mankind is the sense of sight. But very few people seem to have the time or inclination to stop and look.

Using my camera I try to capture some of those often unseen sights, although at the back of my mind I am aware that:
'a photograph shows a slice of life that is already history; just a piece of a jig-saw that you will never see completed!'

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HeRoe 8 years ago

thanks for your likes! This I get to know Your great albums!

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grump 9 years ago

Thanks for the comments John............

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Around Us

Madeinch commented on Around Us 9 years ago

Hi Jesse. Good album. I like fonts. Previously, I worked as a typesetter. Best regards. Madeinch.

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EAS007 9 years ago

Hey Jesse, thanks for your comments and likes of my albums!
Nice work I see here on your pages to. ;-)

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bRaNdSboRg.CoM 9 years ago

Thanks for your recent visit and comments, John.

Greetings, Bo

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