Janusz Michalski

Janusz Michalski

Janusz Michalski

Fotografuję, bo lubię


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Rico Coolen
Jak polaroidy - przedmioty

Rico Coolen commented on Jak polaroidy - przedmioty one year ago

Hi Janusz,
Super as always!

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Kris Joris

Kris Joris 2 years ago

Your photos always have a beautiful appearance and invite to look at.They Captivate.
Also your reworks (different post processing) can be seen as a standalone photos. One does not need to choose. They do not compete with each other.

I know,technical knowledge don't bring my pictures to the same level as yours, but I would like to know how you get from, for example, 6410czb to IMG 6410pol.

My email address is kris.joris@telenet.be. If it saves you time, you may answers in Polish. It is no problem for me to find a translator.

With best regards
Kris Joris

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Jean-Marie Chesné
Krajobrazy b&w

Jean-Marie Chesné commented on Krajobrazy b&w 2 years ago

Thanks to like my album "Lumières d'automne". I like the atmosphere of your album too.

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Stuttgart1000 2 years ago

danke für Deinen Besuch auf meiner Seite.
Liebe Grüsse Laura

Janusz Michalski

Janusz Michalski 2 years ago

To była dla mnie przyjemność

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