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  • Panorama's, Iceland

    Panorama's, Iceland

    Last modified: 6 months ago

    All these panoramafoto's are made without a tripod, I only used a stable hand. Maybe hard to believe, especially the Pano-15

  • Voor BD

    Voor BD

    Last modified: 4 months ago

  • Freya analoog

    Freya analoog

    Last modified: one year ago

  • Iceland


    Last modified: one year ago

    album under construction

  • Certainly NOT the usual stuff

    Certainly NOT the usual stuff

    Last modified: 2 years ago

    After the 175 th album I needed to publish 125 pictures (not exactly my piece of cake). Some pictures date from ... 1983. Latest ones from 2016

  • Trollstigen, Sverige

    Trollstigen, Sverige

    Last modified: 3 years ago

    Wonderfull walk with Trolls

  • Per Lysgaard

    Per Lysgaard

    Last modified: 3 years ago

    Per Lysgaard is the most genial ceramist in Scandinavia. Meet this man in Røros, Norway

  • Dalarna & Jämtland.  Sverige 2016

    Dalarna & Jämtland. Sverige 2016

    Last modified: 3 years ago

    Selection tent and huts.

  • CDC with the dreamteam

    CDC with the dreamteam

    Last modified: 4 years ago

    The dreamteam, that is : Gils (Gilbert Claes), Hypnomedi (Johan Van Mensel sr.) en MaGuFoto (Mark-Guy Heesakker). We stayed close to each other but we came with 4 completely different end-results. Also a very warm thanks to Maryse Daniëls, the project-manager who was so kind to let us in. In complete confidence. I want to dedicate this project to Maryse. Thank you Maryse. I'll keep in touch for the photographing of the progression of the restauration of this very unique building.

  • Premetro


    Last modified: 4 years ago

    Album dedicated to Michael and Sandra. Without them I never would have been able to enter this location on a legal way.

  • Moss.  Sweden 2009

    Moss. Sweden 2009

    Last modified: 5 years ago

  • Lofoten 2009

    Lofoten 2009

    Last modified: 5 years ago

    A very beautiful archipelago.

  • Costa Rica MKI

    Costa Rica MKI

    Last modified: 5 years ago

  • Lakagigar


    Last modified: 5 years ago

    In 1783 the craterrow of the Laki volcanoe opened. The eruption lasted for nearly a year and the volume of magma seems te be the biggest known in mankind. A lot of sheep and cattle died because of toxic gasses poisoning the grass. A lot of inhabitants died by starving. There was so much dust in the air that the sun was red in the middle of the day. In Western Europe people didn't have a real summer for 2 years. It was no explosion but a constant lava-stream, nearly 50 km long. Now the system is asleep. Most of the pictures are taken while standing on top of the main crater called Laki. Lakagigar means crater-row of the Laki. Been there two times, it is like walking on another planet. I'm still working on a panoramic picture. Except from the hut of the warden there is no settlement in a radius of 50 km

  • Nydri Fjallabaksleid, new version

    Nydri Fjallabaksleid, new version

    Last modified: 5 years ago

    The guy with the red tent is a lucky guy ! The little yellow tent is ours :-)
    Mindblowing nature, we have been there already 4 times, a 5th is to come. Dedicated to Sandra & Jan. Sandra is an urbexfriend of mine but not at last : they plan to go to Iceland :-) No secrets for you both !!! :-)

  • Track to Jökulheimar

    Track to Jökulheimar

    Last modified: 5 years ago

    Jökulheimar is one of the most remote places in Iceland, close to the gigantic glacier named Vatnajökull. Friend Jónas advised not to go there alone. Not even with a 4X4. I promised :-)
    But I agree : if something goes wrong over there, no one will here you scream :-)

  • Lonelyness


    Last modified: 5 years ago

    This is the Kjölur-track (F35) through the Islandic interior

  • Strokkur geysir in Haukadalur

    Strokkur geysir in Haukadalur

    Last modified: 5 years ago

    Iceland, Geysir without any tourists. I waited until the first one arrived for giving an idea about the height of the eruption. Busses from Reykjavik arrive at about 10 AM. We were there at 7 AM and were completely alone there. Mass tourism in Iceland ?
    Important for this one : do not use the slide modus but click as fast as you can

  • Iceland with Panasonic FZ-8

    Iceland with Panasonic FZ-8

    Last modified: 5 years ago

    I'm still working on my Icelandpictures dating from 2014 and by doing this I found the map coming from the simple bridge of my wife Mien. Only 4 of them were taken by myself. No processing at all, no cropping, no sharpening ....everything right from the camera. A selection.

  • Eyjafjördurtrack towards Akureyri

    Eyjafjördurtrack towards Akureyri

    Last modified: 5 years ago

    Was open for only a couple of days. I haven't seen a single tourist there.