Jens Ilnov

Jens Ilnov

Jens Ilnov

I try to remember my camera whenever visiting a new place. I like the small details.
When photographing you really live in the moment - and that moment is coming back to you again. Thats what I like!!

I can recomment this site:
And: ?mode=browse


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Sundown november 2011

jeeceephoto commented on Sundown november 2011 5 years ago

Very good. grtz, JEECEE

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Françoise David

Françoise David 6 years ago

Nice pictures! Thank you for your visit!


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Boris Fízer

Boris Fízer 6 years ago

Very nice photos

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A winters day

CLOSED_USER commented on A winters day 6 years ago

(user closed)

Jens Ilnov

Jens Ilnov 6 years ago

Thank you "WisperyCat" (Cool alias !!!)

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Rayke 6 years ago

Thank youJens, for liking my album and the nice comment, highly appreciated!
have a nice day, raymond

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