Started photographing in 2006 and haven't stopped since :-)
I share my photos mainly, because I enjoy seeing the work of other photographers, whether they are professionals or enthusiastic amateurs like myself.



The Island of Samsoe

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Rundt på Samsø

ibskou updated Rundt på Samsø 4 months ago

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Rundt på Samsø

ibskou updated Rundt på Samsø 6 months ago

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Henk ter Horst

Henk ter Horst 9 years ago

Hello Ib, I like your album about the Vikings. As a former Danish colleague used to say: 'Plunder, plunder, plunder!' when he was telling about these Vikings. In Dutch they're called 'Noormannen' (men from the north). It's always nice to play the history once again and make iet alive for the people from nowadays. In my neighbourhood it is done between the Spanish and the Dutch: see my album 'Battle at Groll'.
Have a nice time! Henk

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Hans Muecke
The Old days- BW

Hans Muecke commented on The Old days- BW 9 years ago

Great album ... "old times" and b/w is always a good combination.


ibskou 9 years ago

Hi Tennessean :-)
Thank you very much for your words.

Have an nice Christmas and a promising new year.

Greetings Ib

Hans Muecke

Hans Muecke 9 years ago

May you and your loved ones have Merry Christmas!

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Himmel  og Hav  - Heaven and Ocean

jeeceephoto commented on Himmel og Hav - Heaven and Ocean 9 years ago

Thanks you to for liking.

I wish you a happy and good new year.

Stay well. Grtz, JEECEE

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