Hi everyone,
Since I retired at the age of 65 in 1995, the call of digital image making has given me the last few years a new zest in life. It has quickened my steps and opened my eyes. A camera is always close at hand to record the beauty around me, the fleeting moments of gorgeous light, the unexpected encounters in the street, the smiles of family or faces of strangers. Attracted by street art and city buildings, as well the loneliness of the bush.
You are most welcome to my albums and don't hesitate to leave a comment or even some critic if needed.


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  • Frans Beer
  • leoleoleo
  • Ramir
  • Bertvanelten
  • johnsharp
  • waldes
  • gfoto
  • sdirgham
  • Carl Manneh

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Jolijn van Dulken

Jolijn van Dulken 4 years ago

Thanks for liking my album The Netherlands. I really do like your albums.
Best regards from Holland!


hoppalong 4 years ago

Thanks Jolijn.
Die Nederlandse uitzichten doen me altijd goed, mooie foto's.
Ben hier pas begonnen, heb al jaren lang vele foto gallerijen op een andere site. http://www.pbase.com/bernard74/root&page=a ll
Groeten vanuit 'down-under'.

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