greg benic

greg benic

greg benic

i love to take photos. i shoot with a dslr, film slr, film point-and-shoot, and a digital point-and-shoot. most of my favorite photos aren't "normal" or follow the rules. i prefer black-and-white photos to color. my favorite subjects are my daughter, my cats, cemeteries, and old buildings. ***UPDATE*** I just had my Nikon D70 converted to infrared. It is a fresh learning curve from taking shots to processing. I hope you like them.
***Another Update*** I just purchased a Nikon D90. Can't wait to get out and shoot with it!


Nikon D90, Nikon D70ir, Lumix LX3, Polaroid 320 Land Camera, Lomo Action Sampler, Fisher-Price toy camera, and a variety of other digital and film cameras.

United States

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Isabelle C
My Cats

Isabelle C commented on My Cats 11 years ago

So beautiful! I watch and watch the album "My Cats".

greg benic

greg benic 11 years ago

Thank you.

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Rodelo commented on Winter 13 years ago

hi greg, nice shots.
im about to get my first dslr cam nikon d90 and im so excited bt it. How's your experience with the D90? Did you use the kit lens (18-105mm) in these shots? im looking forward to your new photos.

greg benic

greg benic 13 years ago

Thank you Rodelo! I love my D90! I am most impressed with the high ISO performance and the ability to create custom "filters". I used the kit lens with some of these shots. My Mid Atlantic Air Museum and Fire and Ice Festival 2011 were shot with the D90 and the kit lens though.

The D90 will make a great first DSLR for you. Experiment a lot with it to see what it can do. And most importantly, have fun shooting!


Rodelo 13 years ago

hello greg, i will get my d90 on saturday, i cant wait to experiment and have fun shooting with it, i love photography so much but im still learning and i need to discover what i can do in this field

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greg benic
Mid Atlantic Air Museum

greg benic uploaded Mid Atlantic Air Museum 13 years ago

An aircraft museum in Reading, PA uSA

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greg benic
First Lomo Shots

greg benic uploaded First Lomo Shots 13 years ago

Taken with the Lomo Action Sampler

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