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Amazing Grace Collection
Is a series of photos which encompass religious overtures from photos taken at various locations.

There are authorities beyond our species which dictate how our Earth functions. From the tiniest plant to the awesome architecture of how we build stuff as well as how nature has its own architectural styles for color, brilliance, and making what we see have an impact. And the beauty of the sun's rays as it permeates the clouds and our atmosphere with simple rays of light.

Artistic Renderings
Abstracts, Adventures, Birds, Clouds, Food, Fowl, Fungus, Insects, Pets, Stars, Storms, Streams, Transportation, Water Falls, and Wild Animals.

Butterflies from Western North Carolina Smoky Mountains - Galleries from 2016 and 2017

Chemtrail vs Contrails
Several years of Evidence Supporting Theories for Chemical vs Condensation Trails - Conspiracy tales worth noting; you decide as these photos do tell a story especially if you have a cough for no reason and your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you or you just feel sick all the time. No one knows for sure although there might be some truth in the theories.

Plants, flowers, trees, roses, and gardens.

Landscapes and Vistas
From Indiana, Michigan, and Western North Carolina Smoky Mountain areas.

Lush Smoky Mountain Gardens
Mountain top residential homestead in Western North Carolina Smoky Mountains at an elevation of 4,600 feet.

Macro Horticulture
Up close and personal photos from Indiana, Michigan, and Western North Carolina Smoky Mountain areas.

Road Trips - a Documentary of Life and Economics
Documentary of Haywood and Buncombe Counties in Western North Carolina.

Autumn and Winter from Michigan and Western North Carolina Smoky Mountain scenery.

Moon: Various moon styles including the Blood Moon from Indiana, Michigan, and Western North Carolina Smoky Mountains.

Sunrise: Indiana and Western North Carolina Smoky Mountains.

Sunsets: Indiana, Michigan, and Western North Carolina Smoky Mountain areas.

Professional photographer with two (2) images that are included in the New York Times Best Seller- May 2003 and published in 2004 titled "America 24/7 Michigan Edition" ISBN # 0-7566-0062-6. Page 171 and Page 179.

Retired and sharing my love of the scene. If you like any photo and want a copy, check the Shopping Cart first or email me and I'll let you know where you can purchase.

I leverage the use of professional labs which do the fulfillment processes.


Camera 1:
Olympus E-Volt 500, 2 zoom lenses, various filters, cleaning materials, extra batteries, lots of "film" chips, and miniature tripods.

Camera 2:
Olympus SP820UZ high end point-n-shoot with 40x optical fixed lens plus 1080p HD video recorder.

Union City Indiana
United States

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