Franck B.

Franck B.

Franck B.

N'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos commentaires.
En attendant keep shooting !

Feel free to comment thanks for coming overhere.

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Thomas Bilat

Thomas Bilat 8 years ago

Salut Franck,
merci tresbiene pour le `like` of my trawings and the visit of my Picture-Mapps.
I wish you much good lights - with Greetings - Tom

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MONTOURCY 8 years ago

Merci pour la visite
J'ai apprécié "un monde qui nous entoure", ces instants, ces détails...

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Cartes postales d'Oya

Rita commented on Cartes postales d'Oya 8 years ago

Thanks Franck for the visit - you have some very interesting albums, enjoyed going through them :-) wishes from little switzerland

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Hans Muecke

Hans Muecke 8 years ago

Thanks for the like ... :-)

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Fly me to the moon

rischiavo commented on Fly me to the moon 8 years ago

Neil Armstrong couldn't have done better.... Very nice and original shots, bravo! Ciao

Franck B.

Franck B. 8 years ago

I must say that Sicilia is a wondeful island. People are very friendly and warmful.
For sure we will come back.
Grazie and ciao !

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