My name is Eyolf Johnsen, a semi-retired technical writer and a keen amateur landscape photographer. Many of the photographs have been taken locally on the daily walks with my english springer spaniel, "Laddie" or from my former sailboat "Orion" and my present sailboat "Manito". Usually I am travelling ligth, i.e. with a small compact camera, either a Leica D-Lux 5, a Pentax K-5 or a Nikon D3300. For processing. RAW format photographs are processed using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6.


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Skip Montello

Skip Montello 10 years ago

Eyolf, thank you for the "likes". I love your landscapes, excellent capture! Like you, my my two Australian Shepard's are with me and my camera on most photo walks.

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KNM Photo

KNM Photo 10 years ago

fantastisk smuk natur i Norge, skønne billeder
"see you"

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CLOSED USER 11 years ago

(user closed)

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My Landscapes No 2

eyolfj updated My Landscapes No 2 11 years ago

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