Lagger Erich

Lagger Erich

Lagger Erich



  • Martin Leicht
  • Tiida
  • Helmuth Kerbl
  • SB17
  • Robert Zeller
  • Helene Åvall
  • Rol747
  • Maria Syslova
  • snakesafe
  • Katarzyna
  • Nordwin Alberts / Moving Stills bv
  • uhartmann
  • viaggimarco-b
  • jmillan325
  • skovtorup
  • rischiavo
  • Desirée
  • jonoperspective
  • sanglier13
  • Ina van lambalgen
  • viaroma
  • lusilla
  • kokash
  • ken vinther
  • Harrys
  • astrolabe
  • ludovikus
  • voyagesvoyages
  • John Seegers

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bRaNdSboRg.CoM 4 years ago

Dear elagger, thanks for your likes. I see we share the delight of travelling the world :)


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Helene Åvall

Helene Åvall 6 years ago

Hi !!!
Thanks a lot for likes on my albums !!

I can see, you are travelling a lot, very exiting to look at.

Bust wishes from Sweden

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