Eric J Heller

Eric J Heller

Eric J Heller

I am a physical scientist and artist base at Harvard University, where I am the Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics.

I have always been keenly aware of deep art-science connections. My work is of the places I have been in science, and the images are based on what I have seen. They are not meant to be didactic and almost none would be publishable in the scientific literature.


Scientific software such as Fortran with codes I have written, together with Photoshop in some cases for final assembly.

Cambridge, Mass.
United States

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Patti Gardner Jackson

Patti Gardner Jackson 2 years ago

Banyon, Caustic ii, and Sound Spiral "Resonate" with me. Your photos are breath taking. It is surprising how most of the places you photographed have drawn myself and many others.
Many moons ago we were fellow students and lovers of Biology at WHS.
P. Gardner

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